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Thinking of visiting Maui? Maui, an island paradise, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Hawaii has 132 islands, but only 8 of them are big enough to have people living on them. Maui is the second largest island with 729 square miles of pure natural wonderland and a population of 117,600, making the island a tropical heaven for locals and tourists alike. That's why a Hawaii Vacation directory of Hawaii vacation and travel information for the state of Hawaii can be helpful when you are planning your trip. Don't forget that Maui condos and vacation rentals are an excellent choice and value when you go to choose your accommodations. When you are choosing a condo, talk to Mauiman Condo Rentals to get an idea of what is available for you. The vacation rentals are always a great deal in beautiful locations.

Maui is one of the top vacation destinations in the world so it's no wonder many choose the island as their tropical getaway and visiting Maui Vacation Advice and Map can help you get started. Once you've finished surfing on Maui's sugar-sand beaches there is always plenty of time to relax as well. A Spa retreat is at its most effective for relaxing your mind and rejuvenating your body when surrounded by the beautiful sights of the island. Other ways to relax include an outing to a succulent local restaurant where the tastes of the island can satisfy even the most picky palate. Another popular way to relax is with a game of golf. The island golf courses are both beautiful and challenging and there are many to choose from, and you can bet on enjoying the best weather on earth during your game.

If adventure is what you seek, the island has plenty, especially during the winter and spring months. From December through May, Maui gets some very special visits from the famous Humpback Whales. They come every year to mate and take care of their newborn calves. What makes this species even more special is the fact that they are one of the most significant conservation success stories. Less than a decade ago the Humpback Whales were almost extinct, but with a little effort from scientists, naturalists, and conservationists they now migrate 6,000 strong, and the population continues to grow.

Another big Maui attraction is Mount Haleakala, which means "House of the Sun". It is 10,000 ft high and the base alone is so big it could cover the island of Manhattan. Fortunately, the volcano is dormant, making it is safe to partake in the activities surrounding it, like horseback riding in the crater or taking a bicycle tour of the surroundings.

Ask anybody and they will tell you the main reasons to visit Maui are its beautiful beaches! Any non-beach lover will easily be converted with the island's tropical warm waters, pristine shorelines, and perfect weather - a setting that many imagine, mirrors heaven itself. There are many ways to enjoy the beaches when you get tired of just lying on them. The beaches here have many activities you can participate in like surfing, body surfing, wind surfing, kayaking , sailing, swimming and scuba diving. You can find great information about surfing at Females who want to tear up some waves can now learn from the best at Maui Surfer Girls, an overnight surf camp for beginning and intermediate surf gals. With camps like these it's no wonder females have easily dominated the sport of surfing. You will never forget the unparalleled fishing you will find when you are on a remote island chain, with some of the freshest fish in the world at your fingertips as soon as you cast a line. Scuba diving in Maui is the best because the shallow reefs allow more sunlight exposure, giving better visibility for exploration and photography.

Maui is also a very popular place for weddings. Couples have been exchanging vows on the island for many years, and they have sought the expertise of companies like Aloha Maui Weddings Hawaii. Something about the water, the temperature and the breeze makes a wedding in Maui a truly romantic and unique experience. Many couples have their ceremony right on the shore, allowing all their friends to share in the beauty of the ocean! Some people may also want a commitment ceremony in Maui, and companies like Hawaii Gay Weddings know how to make your special occasion memorable and tasteful. Maui is a unique location for your wedding because Maui is also an awesome place for your honeymoon, allowing you to have the wedding and the honeymoon, all in one place.

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